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Week 3: PanAway is Always On Call

Your own, personal Dr. Feelgood

I’m feelin’ good. Real good.

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For being my first week back in the gym since I broke my foot last year, I’d expect to be feeling a bit more sore. I eased into my new workout routine with several walks, a spin class, some light lifting and a run. Because my muscles were working harder than they’ve been used to, there really wasn’t a better week to start using my PanAway essential oil blend from Young Living. It definitely served me well. So well in fact, that’ I’ve been referring to it as my Dr. Feelgood (more music below, you’re welcome.)
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Anyone else feel like putting some spandex on and lifting heavy weights now? No? Just me?

Ok…now that we got the dance party out of the way, let me tell you about the amazing wonder blend that is PanAway. Young Living lists it as one of their most popular oil blends and it contains a proprietary mix of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, and Peppermint essential oils. The scent is an uplifting, minty smell, and when directly applied to the skin it has a slight tingling sensation (think like BioFreeze). This is one of the oil blends that comes in the premium starter kit and it is so worth it. I looked up the price of my 5mL bottle alone and it is $36.25! And that’s with my wholesale 24% off. When you can get PanAway, 10 other oils, plus a diffuser for $160, you can see why the kit’s an amazing deal.

PanAway is different from lemon and lavender essential oils as it’s an oil blend you cannot ingest. It even comes with a child safety cap for safe keeping. However, it is quite luxurious when used topically and aromatically. I explored several situations and uses for PanAway throughout the week and it has me feeling loose and refreshed for week 4.

day 1: Monday
use: pre-workout muscle warm-up

Panaway Oil Blend with WorkoutAlright, it’s Monday, got up, took the dog for a walk, packed a workout bag, worked a full day…and then I didn’t feel like going to the gym. Big surprise. Typically, I would tell myself that I can just go the next morning, or maybe I should try again next week. Oh no, not today. I unwillingly turned right to go to the Y instead of left to go home after getting off the highway. I pulled in just in time to catch the 6pm spin class, so I made up my mind that I was doing it. No turning back now!

After a quick change, I grabbed my PanAway and dabbed a few drops on my palms to massage into my shoulders. I realize I was about to do a leg workout, but my shoulders were tight from sitting all day and my commute. And to bike properly, you need good posture and relaxed shoulders. As soon as I put the oil on, they instantly started to warm. It made me get that tingly feeling down my spine you typically get when you sneeze. It felt good and I was ready to go.

I was a little self-conscious going into the class alone, but the instructor warmly greeted me, got me setup and I was on my way. Right after we began the warm-up the instructor announced I picked a great day because it was the hardest ride of the year…awesome. She was doing a Tour de France series and today we were crossing the finish line after a series of Tabbatas and uphill climbs. Crap.

I was already committed at that point, so somehow I pushed my way through the class. Although I’ll be real honest and tell you the last 20 minutes were a STRUGGLE. And not because the workout was crazy, but seriously my butt hurt so bad from that seat, I’m going to need some real biking shorts if I’m gonna keep this up.

Afterwards though, it felt really good. As good as workouts always feel at the end, and it gave me motivation for the rest of the week. Throughout the class, I did still feel the warmth of PanAway on my shoulders. I would say the effects lasted a good 15-20 minutes, which was perfect because by then I was real warm from the biking.

day 2: Tuesday
use: wakeup & shoulder rub

PanAway Oil Blend Rubbing HandsEvery morning, as soon as the sun comes up, our dog is up. Which most days is before anyone else in the house is. We’ve gotten into this habit where if the alarm hasn’t gone off, I pick him up and snuggle for 15-20 minutes before taking him out. Have I mentioned he’s spoiled??

So today was like any other day, wake up, snuggle, go for a walk. But after my spin class from the night before, I was dragging a bit. And I must have slept funny because my shoulders felt stiff and uncomfortable. For this, I grabbed PanAway and rubbed it into my shoulders for that tingly relief. I also put a few drops into my hands, rubbed them together, cupped my face, and breathed in deep. I did this a few times while still outside to get the full benefits of quick aromatherapy.

It was a nice way to end our walk, and had me relaxed as I got ready for the day and began my commute to work.

day 3: Wednesday
use: panaway roller ball

PanAway Roller Ball BlendI let myself have Tuesday off, but by Wednesday night you better believe I was back at it. This night, I decided to go for a run. Now this was the FIRST run I was going on since I had broke my foot last year.

How did I break my foot?? Well, here’s the cliff notes – I had started training for a triathlon and was running/biking/swimming everyday. I also wore heels on the weekends to holiday parties/family gatherings/dates. Now, all of this activity and stress on my feet, plus an old injury from my Crossfit days caused a fracture in my sesamoid bones on my right foot. To give you an idea of how painful this was, I couldn’t put any weight on my foot without it throbbing and feeling like I was being stabbed with a knife in my big toe. Not fun.

So after several X-rays, a CT, and a CAM boot, I was on my way to recovery. Except…this kind of thing doesn’t really heal 100%. It’s literally one of the smallest bones in your body, and when you break it…it snaps and is done for. I’ll never be able to wear heels again, and I have special inserts for my shoes now. I swear, I’m almost 30 and I’m falling apart. Le sigh.

But on the plus side, I’ve been feeling a lot better since I got out of my boot a few months ago and the pain is manageable. I used to run quite often, so I decided I would give it a go tonight. My muscles were sore from spin class, so during the day I rubbed my roller ball mix of 10 drops of PanAway, 10 drops of Peppermint, and 10 drops of Copaiba on the parts that were painful. The Copaiba helps with inflammation, and the PanAway and Peppermint create that cooling effect that feels so nice on sore muscles.

While I wouldn’t call this run a slam dunk, I’m at least proud that I got out there and tried again. Can’t give up on the things that make me happy, and running’s one of those!

day 4: thursday
use: panaway epsom salt bath

PanAway Epsom Salt BathYou guys. This was awesome. I was sore on Thursday, so after joining my bestie on one of her bridal fittings, I came home and drew up a luxurious, feel good bath. Following the advice on the Young Living site, I added 10 drops of PanAway to a cup of epsom salt. I premixed it, and then sprinkled it in the tub. The warmth of the bath amplified the minty smell and made it really pleasant.

Epsom salt in general has been used for centuries to relieve sore muscles, especially when you’re in recovery mode from an especially hard day at the gym. It’s also useful for everyday aches and pains, and even arthritis. PanAway is the perfect complement to epsom salt, as the blend also relieves sore muscles and leaves you feeling fresh. This bath was the perfect end to the night and made for a wonderful night time slumber.

day 5: friday
use: panaway in the diffuser

Friiiiiidaaaaaay. This week felt long, but Friday zipped by and – boom – the weekend was here. Our evening was a relaxing one with homemade shrimp fajitas and a home viewing of Ready Player One. It was the perfect relaxing end to a long week, so I decided what better night than this to stick PanAway in the diffuser. Because it has such wonderful benefits topically, you wouldn’t always think to put it in the diffuser, but I gotta admit, this might just be one of my favorite blends. I had the diffuser running for an hour before sleep, and it was such a pleasant, minty smell to climb into bed to. It’s also a great oil to wake up to, but for me, I prefer to diffuse at night to help aid with sleep.

day 6: saturday
use: shoulder & foot rub

PanAway Oil Foot RubIf you follow me on Instagram (@_anoiladay_), I spared you an image of my amazing foot rub by my one and only fiance. But I’m sorry, I am posting a picture of my foot here. As I told you, I have chronic foot pain from my fractured sesamoid, but gentle massage does help when my feet are feeling especially sore. And honestly, I am so incredibly grateful to have a wonderful man to rub my feet – he even rubbed my shoulders too! I’m a lucky girl.

day 7: sunday
use: pedal tavern

PanAway Pedal TavernThe theme of today was Sunday funday all the way. We started the day with some brunch downtown, and joined my coworkers with a fun outing in the form of a pedal tavern. If you haven’t heard of pedal taverns, they are a giant shared bike you have to pedal to move as you bounce around to different bars. My first time doing one was earlier this year in Nashville and it was a blast. This one was also fun and surprisingly we went to bars that we had not been to, even though we work just down the street from them. Definitely a great culture-building activity plus we got to spend the day outside and check out some local bars.

This fun form of a workout was a great end to my PanAway week. A few dabs when we got home and I was ready for bed.

panAway to the Rescue

My week of PanAway was truly invigorating. It’s a great complement to anyone who has an active lifestyle, or like me, is getting back into a workout plan. It feels amazing on the skin and has a refreshing smell. Again, this oil is a great deal by getting it in the premium starter kit, and I am going to cherish every last single drop.

If you’re interested in joining in the fun, you can purchase your premium starter kit with Young Living like I did here. It’s the best way to get started with essential oils, and provides you access to their warehouse pricing of oils and products at 24% off. Kits start at just $160, but includes all 11 of the essential oils I’m using on my journey, plus your choice of diffuser and other fun samples (Check out my full post on unboxing the premium starter kit for more details). As a bonus, when you order through me, you gain access to an amazing team to help you on your journey, and my support the entire way!

Next week, I will be working with my second oil blend from Young Living – Thieves. It’s made of a proprietary blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary essential oils. It has amazing cleaning power and extends into a whole line of plant-based products to clean your home. However, the oil has a ton of other uses and I’m looking forward to trying them out. For the full 11 week plan, check out my first blog post on the premium starter kit. And join me on Instagram @_AnOilADay_ for daily updates, or email me at with any oily questions!

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