Lavender Essential Oil

Week 2: Lavender Oil is a Girl’s Best Friend

Move Over Diamonds, Lavender oil is Here to Shine

Oh, lavender. How lovely is she? This week lavender has been my essential oil I focused on and man am I glad I had this as week two. If you’re unfamiliar with the scent of lavender, Young Living defines it best as, “fresh, floral, clean, and calm.” It’s a popular scent for many beauty products and is listed as a good beginner oil, which is why I chose to explore this essential oil for my second week.

There are literally HUNDREDS of ways to use lavender, so like my first week with lemon oil, I picked the uses that I thought would work best for me and my lifestyle. This included several topical uses, a diffuser recipe, and even a lavender scented drink. My favorite part of lavender is how it complements and enhances so many other essential oils. It also has a magical calming effect that makes it the perfect addition to any nighttime routine.

(Fun Fact: Lavender is part of the mint family. I found this out because I kept thinking lavender smelled faintly of spearmint – go figure!)

A Week In Review: Lavender Essential Oil

Day 1: Monday
Use: mosquito bite relief

lavender oil mosquito bite relief Holy cats do we have mosquitos in our yard this year…like thousands…maybe millions…I have no idea. But I do know that they are bad, and that my fiance and I draw straws every time the dog needs to go out. Needless to say, we have quite the collection of bug bites between the two of us and we need to do something about it. However, I HATE smelling like bug spray. It’s OK once in a while if you’re camping and the bugs are bad, but it’s definitely not a long term solution, and honestly I would be OK not using it ever again if I could.

So you can imagine how excited I got when I found out lavender essential oil is a great natural bug repellent AND provides relief for those pesky bites. I put it to the test. We grilled dinner on our deck Monday night and wouldn’t you know, I got a few bug bites. And they itched. So I figured no better time to test out the bug bite relief theory. I popped on my handy roller ball to my lavender oil and rolled a few drops over the bites. I wish I was exaggerating here people, but this stuff INSTANTLY stopped the itch. Seriously, I couldn’t believe it. After about 15 minutes, the itching did come back a little bit, but it wasn’t nearly as fierce and another drop of oil took it away completely.

Now that I have the bug bites taken care of, I’m working on the bug repellent. If we can protect ourselves with a few sprays of natural essential oils that smell good, I’m all for it!

Day 2: Tuesday
use: lavender lemonade

I loved my first week of lemon so much I had to bring her back for a cameo in lavender’s week. Tuesday was a bit of a doozy at work…lot’s of meetings and brain power. When I finally made it home, all I wanted was to sit outside and relax. I thought about hauling my diffuser outside, but opted for a refreshing and calming drink in the form of homemade Lemon and Lavender Oil Lemonadelavender lemonade. My recipe was simple, I juiced a few lemons, added my last two drops (sad days) of lemon essential oil, and one drop of lavender essential oil. The best part about this drink is the actual experience of drinking it. You smell the calming lavender and taste the refreshing lemons at the same time…it’s heavenly. The perfect remedy for me on a long summer workday, plus super easy to make!

Day 3: Wednesday
use: lavender oil diffuser recipe

Diffuser Recipe: Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver Essential OilI was glad to be using lavender oil this week for a number of reasons, but sleep was a huge one. Most nights I do wake up once or twice, but never have trouble falling asleep. Not the case this week. For some reason, I felt incredibly tired, but as soon as I crawled into bed, my mind would not let me sleep and once I did finally sleep, I tossed and turned all night. The worst.

So I decided to give something a try, figuring anything would be better than feeling like a zombie for the third day in a row. Per my fiance’s sister’s request, we are using a blend of lavender, cedarwood, and vetiver essential oils to help with our 9-year-old’s bedtime routine. He has also been having some trouble falling asleep at night, so this powerhouse blend is all meant to calm the mind and aid in a peaceful snooze. I originally bought these oils for him, but figure with the sleep problems I’ve been having, I might as well try the blend in our diffuser overnight.

An hour before bed, I mixed two drops of each of the essential oils. When I crawled into bed this night, there was a pleasant woodsy smell in the air as I attempted sleep. Honestly, I don’t even remember falling asleep, because my next memory was waking to the sun peeking into our window right before my 5am alarm. I slept through the whole night! Now I will say, I did this same mixture on Thursday night and did wake up a few times during the night. And that’s OK. This is a learning process and not everything will work every time, but it’s all about just trying to be a little better at this whole life thing.

day 4: thursday
uses: Flying with lavender & DIY lavender face wipes

I love to fly. Always have, and this weekend my fiance and I flew out to meet my family in Denver. Four years ago, my sister and her husband moved to Denver and they loved it. So much so, that four years later they are still there and we love to visit them.

Rollerball with Lavender Essential OilWe caught an evening flight so we could work a full day, and I was feeling the need for finding some inner zen before our flight. Lavender oil is naturally calming, and the perfect aromatherapy for dealing with the crowds of people and stresses of flying. Before leaving, I popped on my rollerball to my lavender oil, and rolled a few drops behind my ears at the airport.

Lavender has a wonderful fragrance, so it was quite pleasant to have the scent follow me through security lines, a layover, and two flights. After a full 6 hours of travel, the scent was still detectable when I arrived at our AirBnB later in the evening.

Not having told my fiance why I was using lavender oil, he mentioned on our second flight that I was “nicer than normal” through our travels. While I’m not sure if that was a compliment or not, I do think the lavender had something to do with it!

After greeting my family and settling into our room I wanted nothing Face Wipes with Lavender Essential Oilmore than to get into pj’s, wash my face, and crawl into bed. The night before we left, I had ran out of makeup remover wipes and decided to make a recipe I had found on Pinterest. Like most things, I did decide to modify it to fit my needs. I added Copaiba oil to mine to help with the redness and inflammation I sometimes get on my skin. Below is the exact recipe I used.

Lavender makeup remover wipes
1 pack cotton rounds
1 Glass Jar
3 Tablespoons witch hazel
1/4 cup water
1 Tablespoon carrier oil (I used grapeseed oil)
10 drops of lavender essential oil
10 drops of copaiba essential oil

directions: add ingredients together in the glass jar. fit as many cotton rounds into the jar as you can (i fit 24 in mine). for the carrier oil, choose one that will work for your skin type. I used grape seed oil in mine for normal skin.


day 5: Friday
use: lavender oil in mascara

Last Christmas, my sister gifted my mom, grandma, and I tickets to see Shania Twain in Denver. I have been more than excited for this trip as confession time – I’m a huge Shania Twain fan. She’s always held a special place in my heart. When I was 9-years-old, I saw her in concert for the first time. That grew to a lifetime love affair with Shania and her music, and this is now my fourth time seeing her in concert. And I loved it. Not only was I there with my favorite ladies, but it was also hands down the best concert I have ever seen of hers. She’s always incredible, but this time her showmanship was truly outstanding.

Lavender Essential Oil MascaraAnyways…we were getting ready to go and my mascara was not being my friend. It was starting to get hard and clumpy, and wasn’t giving me those usual long, elegant lashes I like. Lavender oil is typically found in a lot of beauty products, and one of the unique uses it has is being added to your mascara to keep it lasting longer and to promote healthy eyelash growth. So I added a few drops to my dying bottle and it made a world of a difference. My mascara was smoother (only a few clumps now) plus it smelled good! Even my sister wanted some the next day when she needed a touchup.

day 6: saturday
use: rollerball recipes

We really lucked out on Saturday in Denver. We had good weather, an incredible brunch, and ended the night with another 90’s country concert. I lived out another childhood dream and saw Lonestar performing at the cutest Honky Tonk you’ve ever seen called the Grizzly Rose.

In Between all the fun, I got the girls together and hosted my first Essential Oils 101 class. My family is new to essential oils, so I went over the benefits, multiple uses, and the oils you get in your premium starter kit. We even passed around samples of the proprietary antioxidant blend Young Living makes – their NingXia Red. As a bonus, everyone got to make their own rollerball concoction to take home. I used these rollerballs here that come in cute colors (this is an affiliate link, and if you purchase these I get credit – thanks!):

Lavender Essential Oil Roller BallsMy mom gets bad migraines and headaches, so we made her a mix of 6 drops each of: lavender, frankincense, copaiba, and peppermint. Grandma wanted help with sleep, so I made her a concoction that included: 5 drops of vetiver, 10 drops of lavender, 10 drops of cedarwood, and 5 drops of frankincense. For my sister, she opted for a bright citrus blend of 8 drops each: lime, grapefruit, and citrus fresh. This can be used as a morning wake-up, afternoon pick-me-up, or perfume. For myself, I’m starting a new workout routine next week, so I made myself a rollerball with 10 drops of Panaway and 10 drops of peppermint oil.

For all of our rollerballs, I topped them off with the Young Living V-6 carrier oil. You can use any number of oils, but I recommend looking up a chart – like this one – to pick out which one makes sense for your specific use. Since essential oils are so concentrated, diluting them works best to lengthen the use of your oils, and it’s also a good practice when you’re new to essential oils (like me!). You still get the benefits of the oils, plus you get to make cute little labels for yourself.

day 7: sunday
use: flying with lavender (again)

I try not to repeat how I use each essential oil, but after our flight was delayed three hours, two switched flights, a mad dash to the airport, and a connection – I needed some calm. I dabbed on my lavender oil and settled in to watch the movie “Game Night”. (Which by the way – that movie is hilarious! Highly recommend.) Again, the scent was very pleasant and made the unexpected turbulence (slightly) more tolerable.

Lavender is lovely

If you’re interested in joining in the fun, you can purchase your premium starter kit with Young Living like I did here. It’s the best way to get started with essential oils, and provides you access to their warehouse pricing of oils and products at 24% off. Kits start at just $160, but includes all 11 of the essential oils I’m using on my journey, plus your choice of diffuser and other fun samples (Check out my full post on unboxing the premium starter kit for more details). As a bonus, when you order through me, you gain access to an amazing team to help you on your journey, and my support the entire way!

Next week, I will be working with my first oil blend from Young Living – Panaway. It’s made of a proprietary blend of wintergreen, helichrysum, clove, and peppermint essential oils. It has an incredibly refreshing smell, and even tingles when applied to the skin. I can’t wait to get started. For the full 11 week plan, check out my first blog post on the premium starter kit. And join me on Instagram @_AnOilADay_ for daily updates, or email me at with any oily questions!

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