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Week 1: Lemon Oil Would Make a Lovely Wife

She cooks AND cleans

No, but really. Lemon essential oil is incredible and I have had a blast testing all of the different ways lemon oil can enhance my life this week. I started with lemon because among other things, I knew it would be the easiest to incorporate into my life. I already used lemons to infuse my morning water and I’ve always been a fan of the sweet and sour taste in food and drinks. What I didn’t know was all of the other ways I could use lemon oil around my house and on my body. In these 11 weeks, I’m not only testing essential oils, but I’m also challenging myself to explore different applications and uses in my life. I’m searching for things that are outside of my normal to really see what these oils have to offer.

So, as you’ll see below, I eased into my week of lemon by replacing my morning lemon water with lemon essential oil water. From there, I found several uses in food, including adding to my yogurt, smoothies, and drinks. I also explored the many ways lemon can be used as a natural cleaner. We’re typically the kind of people that want something to “smell” clean, and lemon certainly give you that aroma of a fresh cleaned surface. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to find uses for lemon oil around our house to help keep surfaces clean and fresh. I even found ways to use lemon essential oil topically on my skin and teeth as non-toxic alternatives for face wash and toothpaste. I was impressed with everything lemon can do, and I just barely scratched the surface!

A Week in review: Lemon Essential oil

For those of you following me on this journey, I highly recommend spending the time to explore the various uses for lemon, like I did. If you haven’t started yet, or aren’t sure what to do – I’ve made it easy! Check out my week day-by-day below to see the various uses you can try yourself. This is by no means an exhaustive list, there are dozens of uses not listed here, but this is my journey, so I’ve made it unique to what works for me and what I was interested in trying.

Day 1: Monday
Use: Lemon essential oil in water & green tea

Drinking Lemon WaterMonday started like most Monday’s do, pretty uneventful and wishing weekends were three days instead of two. As I said earlier, I typically start my day with some lemon water. This all stems back to a few years ago when I did the 17-Day Diet. You’re encouraged to have warm lemon water to aid in digestion each day, and for some reason that’s a habit that stuck. So for my first day of week 1, I switched my typical lemon juice for two drops of lemon essential oil. The first difference I noticed is the smell. Essential oil is incredibly concentrated and is wonderfully fragrant when added to food. Those couple of drops were plenty to make this a wonderful and easy swap for me in the morning. 

Later on in the day, I needed a little pick-me-up around 3pm. That’s when I headed to my favorite local coffee shop and picked up my summertime fave – an iced green tea. For kicks, I added a drop of my lemon essential oil for an added boost. It was tasty and got me through those last few hours of the work day.

Day 2: Tuesday
Use: Lemon oil & Honey Sugar scrub

Lemon Honey Sugar ScrubTuesday was super-fun. After starting my day with another essential oil lemon water, I ended it by using a sugar scrub I had made ahead on Sunday. It’s a recipe that I found online and happened to have all of the ingredients for. The original did not actually have honey in it, but I know honey is a natural ingredient found in many skincare products, so I added a tablespoon of locally harvested honey to my recipe.

Here’s the full recipe I used:

Lemon Honey Sugar Scrub: 
2 cups organic sugar
1/2 cup coconut oil
8-10 drops of lemon essential oil
1 tablespoon of honey

Instructions: Melt the coconut oil over the stove or in the microwave. Add in your lemon essential oil and honey. Mix well and let sit to cool. Measure out your organic sugar and slowly incorporate the liquid mixture into the sugar. You can use the scrub right away and save the rest in a mason jar.

From using this, I noticed a difference right away. My skin was incredibly smooth and looked brighter. The few spots of acne I was fighting earlier in the week also cleared up by Thursday. I chose to use this scrub on my face, but it can be a bit abrasive if you have sensitive skin. I’d also recommend this recipe as an overall body scrub because it made my skin so smooth and buttery.

Day 3: Wednesday
Use: yogurt flavor enhancer & diffusing lemon essential oil

lemon essential oil yogurt
In the middle of the week, I was totally hitting my stride with this whole lemon thing. I even woke up early so I could eat a quick breakfast before heading to work. This morning, I started my day with organic steel cut oats, vanilla greek yogurt, and raspberries. I added in my few drops of lemon and insto-presto, my breakfast was transformed into the best-tasting yogurt I’ve ever made. No joke.

Lemon Diffuser Recipe

After a long day at work, I needed a little pick-me-up before we headed out for a bite to eat. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to bust out my shiny new diffuser and get some oils flowin’. I was reading on the benefits of mixing oils in the diffuser, so I opted for a lemon essential oil blend with lavender and peppermint. This is also a popular blend for helping with allergy symptoms, but I was looking for the wake-me-up perks on this particular night.

Day 4: Thursday
Use: lemon oil gum removal & furniture polish

essential oil gum removal As you may know, we have a 9-year-old who we absolutely love and adore, but he’s not the tidiest kid ever…we’re working on it. So let’s just say, I wasn’t completely surprised when I went to pick up his dirty laundry and found a nice juicy piece of gum stuck to his desk. Gross.

Typically when this happens, I opt to scrape the gum away with a knife, usually scraping away the wood finish in the process. This time, I had read up on the effectiveness of using lemon oil for this particular thing. So I figured what the heck, and threw on some lemon oil and a bit of Thieves. By using a paper towel, I was easily able to peel away the gum and rub away the remaining sticky bits. So much safer and easier than my knife trick! The added bonus was that his desk is a piece of wood furniture and was left looking shiny and healthy, as lemon oil is a natural furniture polish as well. Plus it just plain smelled good. Total win for lemon in our household this week.

Day 5: Friday
use: smoothie enhancer

Essential Oil SmoothieI do what I can to make good food choices on Friday mornings, knowing that the weekend is going to throw my diet off. So on this Friday, I opted for a total powerhouse smoothie to get my digestion on the right track for the next few days. Since it was the end of the week, I had a few things left in the fridge that made for an amazing – and delicious – breakfast. Namely, I added raspberries, peach, and blueberry kefir, followed by a few drops of lemon essential oil and whole chia seeds mixed in at the end. If you don’t already use chia seeds in you diet, I highly recommend. They are easy to throw into yogurt, smoothies, and drinks and promote healthy digestion. Talkabout being ready for the weekend – bring it!

Day 6: Saturday
use: Lemon oil in toothpaste & Lemon cocktail

Lemon Oil Toothpaste

I absolutely love not having plans on a Saturday…it can be a beautiful thing. This week, alongside my other activities, I had been adding a drop of lemon essential oil to my toothpaste. Saturday I checked in on the progress and…WOW. My teeth have never been so naturally white. I shared on Instagram that I typically use whitening strips before an event or when my smile needs a boost. However, I absolutely hate the taste of those things and if I’m not careful, they make me gag. So this is an incredible relief to find a plant-based alternative that actually tastes good! Plus a bottle of this bad boy is way cheaper than the $40 or more I spend at Walgreens on whitening strips. So if nothing else, this makes the switch totally worth it for me.

After a laid-back day of getting some household chores done and running a few errands, Hethe and I settled in for the night. I’ve been challenging him to make a cocktail using my lemon essential oil, and oh man did he deliver! He asked for a lemon oil “spritz”, so I ordered the perfect little glass spray bottles on Amazon. I then diluted my lemon with a carrier oil in the form of grapeseed oil. I mainly did this so I don’t waste my lemon oil, but also so we can add it to other foods easily, like fish and salads. This made for the perfect little spray bottle for him to play with and add a finishing touch that really enhanced the experience of the drink. The outcome was the perfect cocktail for a warm summer day.
lemon essential oil cocktail
I’ve also included the recipe below for those looking to gain the benefits of essential oils and cocktails at the same time (or just want an amazing summer drink!):

Lemon Breeze

lemon juice
lemon essential oil
simple syrup
organic cane sugar
seltzer water

mix in shaker:
2 parts vodka
1 part fresh-squeezed lemon juice
2 drops of lemon essential oil
1/2 part simple syrup
Shake well
sugar rim of a collins glass
Add 1 tsp of organic cane sugar to bottom
add ice
pour in mixture
top off with 3 parts seltzer water
For added fun – spritz with lemon essential oil for a fragrant top


Day 7: Sunday
use: lemon icing

lemon essential oil cookiesIs it just me, or are Sunday’s the best day for baking? I used the last day of my week with lemon to make a recipe I had pinned for this essential oil in particular – lemon icing. The actual icing itself can be used in a number of ways, including on fruit, breads, and other treats. I decided to put mine on delicious, homemade sugar cookies. This recipe only requires three ingredients: 2 cups powdered sugar, 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream, and 8 drops of lemon essential oil. Whip together with an electric mixer or whisk until creamy and smooth.

For the cookies, I searched and searched for a recipe that was not a typical sugar cookie batter that you make cut outs with and frost. Those are great for the holidays, but I had a very specific cookie in mind for these. Growing up, we used to go to a deli my uncle owned for lunch and they made the BEST sugar cookies. They were big, a bit chewy, and coated in thick sugar crystals. They also had an almond taste to them, as opposed to the typical vanilla you find in normal sugar cookies.

So after much debate, and consulting my personal chef (aka my fiance), we landed on a modified recipe from the blog Desserted Planet. For our version, we swapped one tablespoon of almond extract for vanilla. We also upped the baking powder to a full Tablespoon. While the cookies were still warm, I poured a bit of icing on top which melted nicely and then sprinkled a few bits of lemon rind on top. The result? The best cookies I have seriously ever made. They are the perfect mix of lemon and sweet and taste just like those amazing cookies I ate growing up – but better.

lemon has my heart

I think it’s safe to say I will be purchasing lemon in my next essential rewards order with Young Living – I’ve almost run out! But it’s been a great week of finding out how lemon essential oil can work for me and discovering what works best for my lifestyle. My favorite part of lemon oil is how easy it is to add to food and drinks. I also love how white it got my teeth by adding it to my toothpaste and how easy it is to clean with. Next month, I’m also ordering the Thieves toothpaste by Young Living to see if that gives me the same results in the teeth whitening department.

If you’re interested in joining in the fun, you can purchase your premium starter kit with Young Living like I did here. It’s the best way to get started with essential oils, and provides you access to their warehouse pricing of oils at 24% off. Kits start at just $160, but includes all 11 of the essential oils I’m using on my journey, plus your choice of diffuser and other fun samples (Check out my full post on unboxing the premium starter kit for more details). As a bonus, when you order through me, you gain access to an amazing team to help you on your journey, and my support the entire way!

Next week, I will be working with the lovely lavender. Like lemon, lavender essential oil is incredibly versatile in it’s use and I can’t wait to get started. For the full 11 week plan, check out my first blog post on the premium starter kit. And join me on Instagram @_AnOilADay_ for daily updates, or email me at becca@oiladay.com with any oily questions!

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